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Women Dress Guide

Author: Gareth Hoyle

Shopping for a new dress is a great way to spruce up your wardrobe. With all the dress options available, finding that perfect dress can seem a bit tricky at first. Use the women dress guide to narrow down your options and ensure that you find the dress that you are looking for. Whether you are searching for a gown for a formal affair or a casual dress for a day in the sun, this guide can help make sure you end up with the dress that you are dreaming of.

By Type: Pick the perfect type for the occasion

If you have a sense of what kind of dress you are looking for, browsing by dress type can make shopping a breeze. There are many different types of dresses, but think about which type will work best for you. Do you want a breezy wrap dress, a simple shift dress, an elegant strapless dress or a full maxi dress? Narrow down dress options to the type you are looking for to make dress shopping easier.

By Length: Long, short or somewhere in between?

The length of the dress is an important factor in the shopping process. Long dresses are most suitable for formal occasions, although you can also find long dresses in more casual styles, such as the maxi dress. Short dresses work well in a variety of venues. If you do want a short dress, decide just how short you want it; do you want a very short hem for a night out, or a knee-length dress for work? Narrow down the dresses by length to avoid overwhelming yourself with options.

By Event: For a formal event, work or a day in the park

Sometimes you just want to purchase a dress to add to the closet for a rainy day. But dress shopping is always easier if you know what occasion the dress is for. Are you looking for a dress for a formal occasion? Do you need a professional-looking dress for work that can also transition to a night out? Or are you seeking a casual look for hot summer days? Keep the event in mind as you hunt for dresses with the women dress guide.

By Season: Winter and summer call for different dresses

Just as you would never wear shorts in the winter, you should be cognizant of which dresses are most appropriate for different seasons. If you are shopping in the winter, look for dresses with long sleeves or with heavier fabrics. Be sure that the dresses can be paired with closed-toed shoes or boots on cold winter days. For summer dresses, look for light, airy fabrics and bright summer prints. Summer dresses call for sleeveless or short sleeve looks with shorter hemlines. Of course, some dresses are appropriate for all seasons; look for neutral fabrics and colors if you plan to wear the dress year-round.

By Color: Classic black or can't-miss red?

One of the first things you notice about a dress is its color. Do you want a dress than is neutral-toned or bright? Think about the message that the color of your dress sends. A dress that is bright red sends a message that you want to be noticed. Meanwhile, a black dress is a classic look that can be worn any time of day. Of course, be sure to shop for colors that compliment the occasion and your skin tone.

By Size: Find a look that flatters your shape

Be sure to shop dresses that flatter your body type. No matter how beautiful a dress is, It's not worth buying unless it looks great on your figure. Tall and thin women should look for a-line dresses, while curvy women should seek wrap or sheath dresses. If you have a large chest, stay away from dresses with ruffles or other adornments. Experiment until you find looks that fit your body.

By Trend: Keep in step with the latest fashions

Are you a trendsetter, or do you prefer classic looks? Women who like to stay on top of the trends should look for dresses with a futuristic warrior or military look. Dresses with metallic adornments are especially in this season. Of course, there is always an option to stick with the classics. The little black dress and classically-inspired dresses never go out of style.

By Designer: View dresses from the hottest designers

True fashionistas might prefer to browse dresses by designer. Fans of the wrap dress will want to shop Diane von Furstenberg, a leading dress designer and pioneer of the elegant wrap dress. Those looking for a party dress should consider BCBG, a brand known for both work wear and dresses. If you are looking for a feminine and romantic dress, consider Oscar de la Renta, a pioneer of beautifully classic looks.

Looking for a womens dress guide ? You have found all the resources you will ever need. Click through and view all our information on woman's dress guides.

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