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Is Your Dress Too Short - A Mature Woman's Guide to the Right Hemline

By Leslie C Smith

You're over forty. Can you still wear a short dress? For some women, a short hemline is perfectly fine but, for others it is a definite fashion offense. A dress that is too short can make a mature woman look like she is trying too hard to look young. On others, it can expose those areas on your body that are better left hidden. Here are some basic tips for finding the hemline that is right for you.

1. Consider your age

Age is very important in determining the correct hemline for you. A sixty-five year old woman might have beautiful legs but, a micro-mini skirt would look totally inappropriate for her. Generally speaking, hems that stop at the knees are acceptable for every woman. Women in their forties may wear their skirts slightly above the knee. Women fifty and up should not go shorter than the knee.

2. Consider the social situation

A shorter hemline might be fine for a party or a night out on the town but, can be totally wrong in some other situations. Ideally, for the office, hemlines should be no shorter than the knee. If you find yourself in a situation where you are not sure whether a short skirt is appropriate, always opt for knee length garments.

3. Think proportion

Oddly enough, many mature women tend to drop their hemlines below the knee as they get older. Some drop it way below the knee. However, hemlines that go down instead of up can be disastrous too. If your dress is too long it can make you look older, shorter and fatter. Always take into consideration the proportion of your height to your clothes. If you are short, a long skirt can be over-powering. As a rule of thumb, short women should either wear their skirts at the knee or full length, and never, ever at mid calf.

Leslie Smith is a lifestyle strategist and a self proclaimed fashionista. She believes it is not important how you grow old, but how you live young. For more tips on mature style visit and

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