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When Should You Wear High Heel Shoes?

By Zakkiyya Mota

If you are a shoe lover as much as I am, you probably have over a dozen stunning high shoes in your cupboard. However, when is it really appropriate for you to wear a pair of high heel shoes?

I've seen women wear high heels on many occasions while they sacrifice the comfort of their feet. I find that there are only certain occasions and events to which you should wear your sexy high heel shoes. There are certain places you shouldn't wear them to. Here is my list of places which are either appropriate or inappropriate.

Appropriate occasions for wearing high heel shoes.

  1. A Dinner Date: If you are going out on a date with a gentleman, especially if it's the first date, you can put on your sexy shoes. You will appear to him as a confident lady. This is a quality many men admire in a woman. Better yet, you'll be seated most of the time so your feet won't get hurt.

  2. A Wedding: Receiving an invitation to a wedding is an honour. With wedding costs skyrocketing, couples are compelled to invite selected guests only. If you are the lucky recipient of a wedding invitation, you need to look the part. Weddings are occasions usually celebrated in style where guests are required to be dressed formally. When you choose your elegant evening dress you can certainly put on a pair of sophisticated high heel evening shoes to complement your dress.

  3. Year End Functions: If you are going to a year-end function or any corporate function for that matter you need to look powerful and professional. A woman wearing a beautiful pair of high heels indicates to her colleagues that she is confident, strong and determined. Furthermore, while you are mingling and moving around, you'll find that the shoes are actually quite comfortable and manageable.

Inappropriate occasions for wearing high heel shoes.

  1. The Shopping Mall: We all love to get attention but getting attention at a shopping mall is not good. Shoppers tend to gawk and criticise ladies who wear high shoes in malls. Furthermore, high heels are not made for walking long distances and you could easily walk 5 km in a mall. I don't know about you but I'm not going to walk 5 km in my heels. Why should I put myself through that pain?

  2. Travelling: When you are travelling by plane or train, you'll have lots of luggage that you'll need to lug around. Yes, I know there are trolleys but there are some areas that you can't use them and you still have to lift your bags. The extra weight of the bags could hurt your ankles. So consider your feet the next time you travel.

I hope I have given you some insight in the world of fashion shoes. High heels are a girl's best friend but only when you wear them at the right time.

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