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3 Tips to Keep Your Pantyhose in Place

By Jason Rosas Itumay

Most women have issues about wearing pantyhose. They complain about not knowing how to wear it, they have problems finding the right pair, they doubt if pantyhose are still in style and some ladies just don't feel at ease wearing them. Finding the perfect pair of pantyhose can be a bit tricky. Sometimes they're too tight around the waist; other styles are too long and gather around the ankles while certain pantyhose are too constricting and agonizing to wear.

Another major concern when wearing pantyhose is that women have a difficult time keeping them from sliding down. It is annoying to have to frequently adjust and reposition them all throughout the day. If you are a working woman, the last thing you want to happen is seeing your pantyhose ride down your legs while walking around the office or while doing a presentation during a business meeting. It's an embarrassing situation that makes you look unprofessional and sloppy. Here are some tips that will help keep your pantyhose in place:

The key to keeping hosiery in place is by wearing the right size. Before purchasing pantyhose, make sure you carefully inspect the size chart on the back of the packaging. You can easily determine the size that you need to buy, based on your height and weight. Keep in mind that different brands have different sizing. Some pantyhose brands might be slightly smaller than others so you probably have to go one size up. Too tight pantyhose will make you feel uncomfortable. They will squeeze your abdomen as well as hinder movement. On the other hand, pantyhose that are loose on you will not offer support and will tend to sag especially on the ankle area. A good pair of well-fitting pantyhose will provide compression but are still comfortable to wear and permit you to move freely.

Another way to make sure your pantyhose stays in place is by wearing the right type of underwear. The best garments to have on are cotton panties. They do not only feel snug and comfortable on the skin but they also keep your hosiery fixed and prevent them from moving.

Regular washing of your pantyhose will help clean the fabric and allow it to return to its original shape. Wearing newly washed pantyhose feels better on the skin and is also hygienic. Try to check your hosiery from time to time and examine if there are snags or runs on it. You can temporarily repair and mend minor holes using clear nail polish. But if they have huge tears already, consider buying new ones. Also, replace old pantyhose if they start to fit loosely on your legs and abdomen area. They are not attractive to look at and make your calves appear larger.

Pantyhose are must-have items that every woman should have in her closet. Finding the right pair that fits perfectly can be a challenge sometimes but the payoff is definitely great. Pantyhose are versatile pieces that can be used over and over again. They complete your ensemble and will make you look polished and elegant.

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