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The Sex Appeal of a Heel

By Helen MacGillivray

Stilettos! They make us feel sexier, more confident and more glamorous. They slim our tummies, elevate our assets, elongate our legs, and draw every man's attention to our feminine parts. Not only have stilettos become one of the most coveted components of a woman's wardrobe but they are a symbol of timeless chic and sex appeal. An evening without my stilettos (an uncommon occurrence) leaves me feeling less feminine and much less sexy. It's definitely more about the sex appeal of a heel than it is about the comfort of a shoe.

"It's a way to appeal to the male species, to attract, and it works. I have men who tell me that heels have saved their marriage." Manolo Blahnik, legendary shoe designer.

I vividly remember digging around in my Mom's closet as a little girl and discovering a pair of white, sling back heels, a pair that she wore to her sister's wedding in the early eighties. They were absolutely perfect! I was never fazed by the fact that they were too big for my feet; they were the smallest pair in her closet and they became my training heels. I spent countless hours finding my centre of gravity and perfecting my strut in her bedroom, my runway.

My desire, like millions of other women around the world, for this symbol of undisputable sensuality, started young. We watch our female role models (for me, my mother) dressing up, never leaving without their heels. Heels are the finishing touch to the look.

New research has found that high heels do more than increase sex appeal. Dr. Maria Angela Cerruto, urologist at the University of Verona, Italy, has spent years researching the benefits of high heels and she's made an interesting discovery. Wearing high heels can actually tone a woman's abdomen and pelvic floor! No more kegels. Squeeze, squeeze, breathe.

Major fashion faux pas: ladies who can`t walk in heels properly.

Ladies, I urge you to take notes here. There is a point where too high is too high! If you find your knees beginning to bend and you can`t walk properly, the elegance has been lost and you need to go down at least an inch. You're better off walking in lower heels, comfortably and confidently, than straining yourself in heels that are too high.

I often find myself in the same conversation with my main squeeze: "You already have a pair of heels in that color. Why are you buying another pair?" Simple. You can never have too much of a good thing! It's all about the details. Details are what make you standout! In any case, if you're budget conscious, my advice to you is: invest in classic styles in neutral tones. This will afford you great versatility.

Final Words of Wisdom

When shopping for shoes, make sure that you spend time trying them on. They may feel comfortable at first but after an hour your feet may tell you otherwise. Check the store's return policy! Your size may change from brand to brand. Keep in mind that at the end of the day your feet are a little larger as they tend to swell throughout the day.

Helen MacGillivray, president and founder of Miss Helen's Image Consulting, has been referred to as "a brilliant individual with high energy and impeccable taste." She is an enthusiastic and charismatic trainer with an expertise in individual and corporate image management.

She received professional accreditation from the Sterling Style Academy, an internationally recognized institute in New York City and a degree in business from Saint Francis Xavier University.


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