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Suspenders and Stockings: Daring and Wearing

By Simone Swabey

At a recent girls' nightout I was asked why I always seem to be wearing Suspenders and Stockings! I was amazed that my dressing habits had even been noticed by my friends. So I asked what made them aware that I wasn't a pantyhose girl?

The vertical lines under your skirt. The beautiful lines running up your legs, the pattern behind your heel, were typical responses. One girl said she noticed once when I slid across the booth at the diner, my stocking top was visible, as my skirt rose up just a little and it intrigued her, but she never asked anything.

So why this day?

Well, stockings and suspenders or garters keep getting press or getting seen in the movies. Long gone are the days of the 'ladies of the night' wearing suspenders and hose! A little too pricey, but certainly worn by glamorous girls everywhere, including the silver screen and TV. I felt right at home. Yes, we see stockings and suspenders being worn in the movies but in real life it seems as if they are just bought for a prance around the bedroom and roll in the hay. Few of us girls wear them on a daily basis.

What do men like about stockings is a perennial question; I must get asked that about twice per week. The girls were of the opinion that guys loved the flash of flesh above the stocking top. The dangerous and daring, moxie look, of Bonnie and Clyde or the sultry and sexy caberet singer and burlesque dancer in some dark dive on the wrong side of town. The contrasting colors were mentioned, in my case, between white flesh and black stocking tops. I was told by one guy that he loved the symmetry and the juxtaposition of lines and angles. He liked the way the whole ensemble was engineered to hold up stockings. Like an engineering work of art, a Brooklyn Bridge across my body! Ooh la la...

I have multiple suspender belts, besides different colors, there are a different number of suspenders to hold up each of the stockings. Most belts or garters have two suspenders per leg but I find if one comes undone my knee looks like it's aged and sagging... However with 3 per leg, or even with four I never have to worry. I have a few suspender belts that go right up to 7 suspenders per leg! Very sexy, in my mind. These do take a bit of time to attach, but once correctly aligned and done up, they look stunning. The vertical lines between the material showing my leg and the shiny silver clasps flashing against the stocking top when they are finally connected...Oh yes, baby, this is sexy!

Vertical lines and horizontal lines are mixed with the angles from the sides of my panties. The way my clothes would be pulled by the suspender at some points when I moved. It all made an image he loved to stare at. Then there is the engineering aspect of the clips, the sewing of the stocking top and the connectors of the suspender belt behind my back. Maybe a little daring like some form of bondage. A "Fifty Shades" experience for some? Perhaps naughty and steamy in an adolescent sort of way yet alluring and fun to play with, figuring out how to remove each item and enjoy the act! The unwrapping of an awesome present of sorts, perhaps? The excitement, the anticipation.

Of course men are tactile creatures and love to run their hands all over the lingerie, the sheen of the stockings, the roughness of the stocking top, the lines of the seams, the lace of the suspender, the clasps, the clips, the silkiness of the all goes to a man's mind and gets them all excited. Then of course their hands get us all excited as they feel and look, or stare, in most cases!

So girls, what are you waiting for — search the internet for some great suspenders and stockings and take your sensuality for a night on the town. You too may become 'hooked'

Simone Swabey - Swabey and Klein has always been enamored with wearing silk and nylon lingerie - she spends more on undies than a small country spends on defense!

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