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How To Buy Lingerie For A Woman

By: Adrian Adams

Buying lingerie for a woman can be both exciting and scary. There are a seemingly endless number of choices and styles, but an almost seemingly endless stream of questions about size and comfort. This article will cover crucial tips on how to buy lingerie for your lady as well as some basic lingerie terms.

  1. Know Her Size. Peek through her underwear drawer to get an idea of her bra size and underwear size. If you're still unsure, opt for an item like a babydoll nightie that comes in Small, Medium, or Large sizes - this will make it easier to pick out a size.

  2. Ask For Help. Lingerie store employees, especially those who work at smaller, specialized boutiques know a lot and are used to dealing with unskilled male patrons. They'll also have great tips on popular styles or ideas for what your lady might like.

  3. Be Selfish. While now is not the time to force your lady into a novelty maid's uniform, that doesn't mean you can't be a little selfish and pick something that appeals directly to you. When making your choice, opt for an item that you think she'd be comfortable wearing, but also one that you find sexually appealing.

Some Basic Lingerie Terms - From Negligee to Teddy:

Baby Dolls - Baby Dolls are those very short nighties that come down to her naval or hips. They often come with matching panties.

Bustier - A bustier is a sleeveless, strapless top that supports the breast and is worn to the waist. Some bustiers can be worn as regular outdoor tops.

Corset - Like a bustier, but with strings laced through the back that are designed to lift the breasts and shrink the waist.

Garter - A garter is an elastic (lacy or not) made to hold up her stockings or pantyhose.

Garter Belt - A garter belt goes around the waist and has four hanging clips that attach to her stockings or pantyhose and hold them up.

Negligee - A Negligee or Nightgown is a loose garment often worn to bed. They can be plain coppon or sexy satin.

Panties - Panties are underpants that come in all different styles, including G-string, thong, bikini-cut, full brief, and french-cut.

Teddy - A teddy is a one-piece undergarment that is like a bustier or chemise with panties attached. A teddiette includes a detachable garter belt.

Underwire - Underwire is a piece of wiring that's sewn into a bra and designed to give the breasts lift and support.

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