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How Women Can Make Cocktail Dresses Fashionable

Cocktail dresses were mainly for wearing in the evening to an upscale function or special evening event. They are still considered formal wear, but nowadays some women have taken this garment to another dimension. The dresses are now worn during the later part of the afternoon and the earlier part of the evening at different functions and events.

When choosing a cocktail dress, you want it to look fashionable. Actually, it should be fashionable for your body type. Not every woman can wear every kind of formal dress that's on the market. There are different dress styles for every figure. Most have a regular figure, while others could pass as a supermodel.

Body type is one of the first things women should consider when looking for a formal garment that will compliment them entirely. The formalwear should accentuate and give equal footing to her figure.

Women that are considered bottom-heavy (have more to show from the waist on down) should focus from the top part of their body to their facial area. Women that are considered top-heavy (have more to show upwards from the waist) should focus on accentuating the bottom part, like showcasing their legs.

If a woman is heavy at the bottom, a fashionable cocktail dress for her would be one that is snug, but not tight at the waistline. The skirt part of the dress should have a flared look. This would help the hips and thighs.

The skirt should not be short; instead it should be full because people don't need to see anything that would be embarrassing to her. The flares could be made with ruffles at the bottom or layered tiers. Or another idea would be to have a sparkling tank dress with a slight flare at the hem.

Other options for women that are heavy at the bottom would be to have a higher waistline so that the entire body would be covered. In addition to the flared skirt, the top could be strapless or sleeveless. The arms would accentuate her figure more so than the hips would.

For women who are heavy at the top, a nice fashionable look for a cocktail dress would be to accentuate her legs. Wearing solid colors would help her achieve this. Or to really bring focus to her legs, she could get a cocktail dress with a short skirt. Women can find more dresses now that stop right above the knee.

If cleavage is the focus, they can show some skin at the top part of their dress and make it more revealing. A low V-cut or plunging neckline will do the trick. Showing less at the top reveals more. With that, the dress could have a bubbled hemline for accentuation.

Some women find it fashionable to show cleavage nowadays. It makes them look sexy. There are quite a bit of female Hollywood celebrities that have been embracing this trend for a while now.

Wearing a fashionable cocktail dress is not just about the dress itself. Women need accessories to make their wardrobe complete. There are earrings, bracelets, chokers, necklaces, and small handbags that women can work with. Depending on how the neckline is made on the dress, there may not be a need for a choker or necklace. It's better to have dress first so you'll know what accessories will accompany it.

With some simple touches, cocktail dresses can be made fashionable for any woman.

About the Author:

As a top heavy woman, Sasha LeMarcon is very aware that not all cocktail dresses is designed for everyone. Sasha personally wears short cocktail dresses that show off her legs and give her figure just the right emphasis. When it comes to cocktail evening dresses, Sasha knows her stuff and is willing to wear it too!

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