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Why Garter Belts And Stockings Are Making A Big Comeback

By Gregg Hall

Wearing sexy lingerie under your clothes can give you a secret boost of self-confidence. One of the easiest and most comfortable ways to experience this is to wear a garter belt. The erotic image of a woman with a bit of thigh peeking out between sheer stockings and a garter belt is a sure way to drive a man mad. Even when you are the only one who knows about it, wearing a garter belt will make you feel truly sexy all day.

The garter belt is worn around the waist and its purpose is to hold up your stockings. There are four elastic garter clasps hanging from the belt, two in front of your legs and two behind. Before the invention of pantyhose, women had to wear garter belts to hold up the original silk stockings. Although pantyhose was hailed as an easier option at the time, many women find pantyhose to be uncomfortable as well as less durable than good quality stockings.

Our generation has grown up being taught that pantyhose are better than garter belts and stockings. Popular thought is that the garter belt is difficult to use and that it's hard to attach to the stockings. Perpetuated by the pantyhose manufacturing industry through years of advertising and commercials, women have been raised to believe these myths.

One key element to buying a garter belt is to get the correct size. You'll need to be sure that it fits snugly around your waist without being so tight as to create bulges. The clasps need to be adjustable so as to get the right length for your exact body type. Look for a garter belt in lingerie specialty stores that offer good quality lingerie. Things to keep in mind when choosing a garter belt is that the material is soft and comfortable for all day wear and that the clasps are durable.

Another key element to having a garter belt work for you is to purchase the right stockings. They need to be of good quality and designed to be worn with a garter belt. They will have a thicker band at the top of the stocking where you can attach the clamps without damaging the stocking. Stockings come in a variety of materials and differing levels of sheerness.

The best stockings you will find should be made of silk. Silk stockings are initially more expensive than other materials but it will pay off in the long run. Silk stockings are more durable and last much longer than others as well as being comfortable and sexy.

The biggest deterrent to most women about wearing a garter belt and stockings is that they are under the impression that it will be hard to attach the stockings. This is not the case at all if you buy the right stockings. While you will have to practice a bit at first, it is very simple and fast once you are used to it.

Once you try it, you are going to find it's quite easy and comfortable to wear a garter belt and stockings. You may find yourself liking the secret sexy feeling so much that you wear them every day. Many women do say they enjoy feeling more lady-like and alluring because of their sexy secret.

Gregg Hall is an author living with his beautiful wife and family in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about bodysuits as well as women's lingerie [] at []

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